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The New Musical Theatre Exchange is a nonprofit 501 (c) that exists to bring together committed librettists, lyricists. and composers of musical theatre in the Twin Cities to have their work read and workshopped, find collaborators, share useful information, and support efforts to get members’ work produced.


The New Musical Theatre Exchange was founded in 2012 by a diverse group of Twin Cities playwrights, composers, and lyricists dedicated to launching new musicals in the Twin Cities and beyond. We provide a place to develop musicals and foster a community for serious-minded local musical theatre writers who believe that new musicals can be developed outside of New York City and in particular, here in the Twin Cities, where there is a wealth of talent and resources available. Bringing a musical to full fruition is always a long and challenging road, even for the most experienced Broadway veterans; we created our workshop as a first step where writers can receive feedback to refine ideas, identify potential problems, and correct mistakes before a show goes into the difficult and expensive production process.


Read more about the New Musical Theatre Exchange and its unique place in the Twin Cities theatre community in The Dramatist, the newsletter for the Dramatists Guild of America. 

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