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We have three levels of membership.


Auditing Participants:  Auditing Participants are individuals who attend NMTE worshop meetings, NMTE Readings, and other NMTE events for the purposes of observing or performing in presentations of new or developing work by Members of NMTE.  They are welcome to offer feedback to the writers during meetings.  


Associate Members:  Individuals can request to become an Associate Member when they have  (1) attended at least one NMTE Workshop meeting as an Auditing Participant; (2) requested an opportunity to present a 10-minute example of their work in original musical theatre (book, lyrics, and/or music); and (3) presented such work during an NMTE Workshop meeting.  After such presentation, the Board will decide whether an individual is a good match with the goals of NMTE and whether his/her work is likely to benefit from what NMTE has to offer.  Upon acceptance,an Associate Member is entitled to present work at NMTE Worshop meetings on an equal basis with Full Members.


Full Members:  After a minimum of six months as an Associate Member, the board may offer an Associate Member the opportunity to become a Full Member.  If the Associate Member accepts and pays his/her joining fee ($100), the individual will have access to all the rights and benefits provided by NMTE, including, but not limited to, voting rights, work-shopping opportunities, access to readings, production support, and the ability to present him/herself as a Full Member of NMTE.  Full Members are required to pay annual dues for each year after paying the joining fee. 



Contact the New Musical Theatre Exchange for information on upcoming meetings!
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