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Jim Miles


Jim has been writing and studying writing for over twenty-five years.  His musical libretto Fire in Berlin was among the finalists for the OrdWorks Developmental Program, and he produced a reading of the show in 2003.  Other works, both musical and not, include City of Dreams, Kill Me Now, Little Man, The Christmas Inn, A Crystal Christmas, One More Dance, Vine S. Jones, and countless sketches.  He has written for and was one of the first consistent Broadway bloggers, actively blogging about the art and commerce of Broadway from 2007-2009.  His middle grade novel Hero is currently available through Amazon

Jim holds a B.S. from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul and an M.B.A. from Augsburg College.  Although a writer at heart, he is transitioning his focus from writing to producing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where works in production on projects such as HBO's Camping, Marvel's canceled Ghost Rider series, and Amazon's Goliath.

He can be found on  Instagram at celebratebroadway.


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